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Me being 24

Well, lets see. From a couple years ago i already try to make some revolving resolution. Yet it comes to an end, where i can achieve some, while the others i can not. Its a matter of time i know, but some are not -frankly speaking-. I am pretty sure that i can get that if i try a little hard, walk a little further, and pray a little more. Somethings like boyfriend!.ta-da!!

So my 24 y.o. resolution number one should be finding mr. right, finding a mate 🙂

The next can be counted as this:

– i need to look more like adults. no more unimportant laugh, inappropriate move, and all

– i will try to appreciate people the best i can. torture them like they need to be. no more self egoism.

– i will love my family more. i do love them right now, but i think that i should show them more often. Somehow by just saying ‘i love u’ in one and another way. i am shy i know, but i ll try. That’s what a resolution are for, right?

– i am not going to be picky anymore. In any way, for any aspects. I ll try to learn any good things beneath every people. No matter how big i dont like them in the beginning, i can not just did the judge too early. I will skip the bad part turning to the good sight of it.

– i will clean my room every week. do all the total clean up. yeah i will

– i will travel more this year. Hemm, may be i can not since i dont have the permission for annual leave yet, but i ll take any chance that i might get.

– i will save more money!

– i will try to dress up more. For any special event or just for going to work. May be girl really need this for getting an attention 😛

– i wanna buy a new tv set, and getting a larger room if i could..