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Beautiful Phuket

Do you know that Phuket is just a little island attached to the main of Thailand? This little thing really looks like Bali in Indonesia. They have Patong Beach, we got Kuta Beach. They have Temples, we got Pura. Hemm what else?? Well, both of Thai people and Bali people cant speak English fluently 🙂

It was a short trip. Very short actually since i only had 2 days effective to explore Phuket as much as i could. At the first night we explore ‘night market’ near our hostel in Nanai Road. Its near Junceylon, the biggest supermal around Pathong, and also very close to Bangla Road, the one that famous enough for its crazy night and ladyboy show. We tried any food and drinks that looks unique, spent the night taking pictures and enjoying this new place with barely new people. In fact, a lot of Indonesian was there!

I took a tour to Raya Island or some people there called it Racha. It cost us 1300baht after a thorough bargain with the agent. So lucky we were there on early April, that we also got this promotion, a free two way ride from airport to our hostel, and surely a cheaper price than usual.

The tour start at 10am. We got a classy speed boat consist of 20 people from East Asia, Europe, America, and us. There was this one lady with age around 50 or 60 year old and still looks strong. She did sunbathing, walk on her own, and WOW, that amaze me. She must lived so healthy on her youth, and i really wanna be like that. Bye bye McDonalds!

It took about 2.5 hours from Chalong Beach to the Island. Our first stop is Coral island, where people usually do water sports. Its not so recomended for snorkling because we can see almost nothing. People can swim, but the wave quite strong and its better for us not to swim too far from the shore. After one hour, ,we continue the journey to the main island of Racha, its around Batok Bay, and we had seafood lunch plus tom yan (Thai specialty). A lot of marquise along the beach and also some canoes. Peoples, especially bule people, really enjoy it burning their white skin to make it tanned while in contrary, we run away from the sun and searching a shelter to sit in.

About the snorkling, honestly i was so disappointed.There is no pretty coral there as i expected. There are just many fish, too many actually, and with ordinary colour. No nemo! Way better Indonesia from any aspect. Name it, Belitong, Bira in thousand island, and many other place i never been yet. They got Nemo, unsting jellyfish, barakuda, colourful alive coral and also sea stars.

This all people around me, sure not yet ever been to Indonesia. They felt so excited already with JUST that view. Hey its lame, people! Don’t you have a taste? That fishes could not look good in the camera. Nor the coral!

In the mean time i can say quite the tour. It was a nice service back there. Thailand people know well how to treat tourists and they have anything to support the business. Ever since the Tsunami in 2004, they rebuilt the city. Many foreign investor coming in, just like the one who own our hostel, sea blue hotel, an American, and he did his best on it.

On the second night we decided to explore the supermall and finding some little thing as a gift for our family. In Thailand, we really need a strong bargain power. Not just in the traditional market, but also at the mall. Some shop provided fixed price off course, which i guess much better than the one who offered us random prices. They could offered us 300baht for goods which worth only 100baht.

Last day, its time to explore the mainland. We rent a car for 1200baht half day or 6 hours which take us from Pathong to Phuket. Started with Pathong beach in the morning, kata and karon beach in the midday when the sun heat us the most. There is this one place i like so much, Karon View Point located at the top of the hill, so we can see and enjoy the view to Karon and Kata beach down there. The weather was cool, and we also enjoy an eagles photshot by paying 100baht. Their name are laila and peter. I took the picture with Laila and she is so damn cute! Can i get one at home mom? ;p

We continue the journey to Elephant Conservation area. People can do Elephant tracking in here for several hours across the forest, but we again could not make it. No enough time. The place quite looks like Way Kambas in Lampung, Indonesia. But Way Kambas might be a little wilder than here. And they manage it very well (*again, noted!).

Before heading to Phuket Town for our Bus, we first visited Wat Chalong and  the Cashew Nut Factory. There are a lot of Buddha statue inside Wat Chalong. It is a -Palace looks- place. So beautiful! And blazing hot. Its MID day anyway. The sun in Phuket really are numb. We get in the temple to calm down, climb up to third floor, and taking more and more pictures.

People said there are alot of things with historical record in Phuket old town. We get there at 2pm and head to the nearest restaurant we can find. Our car and its nice driver head back to Pathong. We walk down to the Bus terminal. My friends continued the trip to Bangkok, I took the bus to airport and, bye bye Phuket..