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3 hours fun from Jakarta

Have you ever heard of Bira island? or thousand island in general? or else, the paradise?? 😉

This place located only three hour boat ride from Jakarta. We can travel from Angke harbour, using the normal passanger boat, and then get ready for three hours sea sickness. The view is great, unless if we count some trash around Muara Angke. The government should really organize this place more, since many and more tourist come in the latest years.

The boat stop at Harapan island, then we continue our ride using a private boat, a non exclusive one, which own by our guide, Mr. Man. Just like the boat, he also own the cottage, the only sea house located in the island. It was once owned by a rich man, or a foreigner, i forgot, but the point is, this place is now left unowned and Mr. Man with his family organize it and made it a new tourist spot. Actually, most of the fishers in Angke did it. They rent their home to traveller to stay and rent their boat for hoping island to enjoy the magnificent view of thousands islands which in fact only consist of 105 islands. They all hyperbola, yes!

The journey straightly begin that day, but we decided to put our luggage first at the cottage. The island was quite, and so beautiful to calm down and sit back. The cottage located right in front of the shore. We can see the waves dancing and enjoy the heat of the sun. But behind the house, we did not want to predict anything since the whole back yard are bushes. There might be some wild animal, or ghost? i don’t know. We are the only person who stayed there.

While walking around the island in the morning, we found out that there is another small deck in the other side of the island. It was used as another quay to get to the island, but now it was broken already. We can still walk slowly on it, but in some part, the woods already smashed. A friend of mine still enjoy jumping from that board strightly into the ocean. Seems so fun!

In the whole two days, we visit Atol island, Dolphin island, Pasir island, Kayu Angin island and Bira Kecil island. All islands show its natural beauty to us. With clear water, tosca into blue colour, and definitely pretty little fish and amazing coral. Yups, the coral here are colourful, big, and mostly alive. It still breath somehow. Many small fish or sea animal-which i dont know what- show up, we all surprised. In fact, this is the most fascinating experience while we are in the water. I like playing with the fish. Catch them in silent and then surprise them with my presence. I took off my life jacket to get deeper in the sea so i can catch them with my hand. But then, while i was so excited and happy to run after those fish, i suddenly arrived at the deeper ocean. I am panic! i cant swim very well. So lucky i still hang one of my hand to my life jacket so that i was not drowned. Right after that, with my heart still beat fast, i always make it sure that the fish wont fool me again. Its so scary.

In the morning, we also hop for another island. But we spent most of our time at the quay. It was so fun jumping right into the ocean that lied in front of your sight. And the view under the deck is not less wonderful. It looks like a giant aquarium. Really! With the stick from quay board, beautiful big coral under it and many colorful fish swimming right in front of your face. Not so far but still looks pretty and you can see it clearly. There also some sea urchin which luckyly quite far from our feet so it wont harm us. And i saw a jelly fish. It’s transparent and small. Looks cute but dont ever get fooled by its cuteness since it might bite and hurt ya 🙂


Sikuai island, new beautiful paradise

One of the best shot in West Sumatera. Not yet publicly announce, but it is worthed a visit.

This island located one hour tour from Padang Beach using a boat. It is a passenger boat which could bring in around 100 peoples. In summer the waves would be more gentle than if you crossing it in winter. But all the way down there was worthed for that little island, called Sikuai.

We can reach Sikuai with several way. I choose the one day package that cost me 125k (back than in 2008). The other package may provide a two day 1 night or 3 day and 2 night accomodation. But i guess, with one full day, its quite enough of experience but we should ungrudgingly loose the sunset and sunrise. The boat start to sail around 10am in the morning and then get back to the harbour around 5pm in the afternoon. Well actually, we was enjoying the sunset from the rooftop of our boat. It was nice, still.

The first time we landed in the island, it was really quite. Seems like there is no civilization in there. Some are tourist from foreign and domestics who already been there since the day before. There are alot of cottage which located so near the beach around 5 meter long. So if you feel like wanna swim or suddenly feel tired and gotta sleep, its all need no more than 5 minutes to move.

The coconut trees all over the beach make it even more beautiful. On the right side of the little harbour where my boat put down its anchor looks like a rough beach where there are alot of died coral along the beach. The water still pure but it has almost green color since there are some seaweed patched to the dead coral. Not many fishes swim around this place. But considering the background of neat coconut trees and some other big one, it still is a perfect place to take a shoot.

On the left is a smoother beach. People mostly play in here. The sand is so soft and wishy washy and you can built a strong sand castle with it. The shore also slope slightly and it is save to swim in here. Many pretty fishes can be found here too. But if you would like to see more, you can reach a little far where the coral and fish combination might make you feel like in a fairytale.

They are hiring out snorkeling set, bicycle, motor cycle, canoe, and also provide water sport activities like banana boat and kayak. We satisfied to play in the fresh water and smooth beach. Kids are laugh and smile emitted from their little face.

Walking a little far to our left, we will found some quite place with big rocks, but not giant one. It decorate the shore just like a gift from heaven. We can take some pictures in here too, and play with some little sea animal. There are little crab, shrimp, prawn, and also shells.

To walk around the island you will only need 30 minutes ride using a bike. The air is so pure even though some motor cycle are allowed to used. Well then,, i am not sure what was behind the island. I did not have the chance to 😦