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Jogja backpacker

Well, this is not my first time be in Jogjakarta. I was there too, about 2 years ago, with some close friend at college. Now i did it again, re visiting jogja with some adventure friends, which i accidentally and luckyly found during one other trip 🙂

This one time journey was not less amazing, as always! We did it through a very different ways that i could never ever imagine. We were going jogja using an economic train and planned to camp somewhere in there. wow!

We get on night train, around 9pm. I always wondering, what does it feels to have this kind of ride even just once in my life. Sitting in the crowd, no air conditioner, and of course no food. And it was for an 8  hours long. Could i make it?

At the very beginning we were still have the fun. Talking, playing UNO, joking, and lough out loud. Some of us also listening to music and read a book. But then, after about 2 hours, the train was starting to be over loaded, by people, and also baggage. And i am so shocked when i found out one man lying under my seats. Hell what is it?? Just to see people sitting in the central corridor should be fine. But somewhere under your seat? Its a new thing for me, i mean it. Then we felt the hot weather. So lucky than i always bring my little fan, and we use it in order. It getting worse when the train stop for a while. The air felt so not good and nasty. When the train stop means no wind coming in. And its worse with this condition, where there were too many people in one limited platform.

We try to sleep yet its not success. when the air been heating us with no wind when the train stop and over loaded platform. The government really need to upgrade this facility.

We arrived at jogja on time, at 6am in the morning. No one taking a bath since we tried to find a place to eat strightly. Near the the train station, its cheap and yummy 😀

Well then the journey begins. We rent a car to ride us around the city for two days. First, we visited the camping shop to get the eqipments. There are sleeping bags, stove, gas, lamp, storm lamp, tent of course, and some other things. After that we headed to Parang tritis beach, which i never visited before. This beach, as the legend said, really full of mystical atmosphere. This is where Nyi Roro Kidul built her army and its also her way out in the shores. There is a myth said that if there is someone who used ‘green’ clothes, she/he better be careful since Nyi Roro Kidul might would like to kidnapped her/him to be part of her army. Well, she has the same favorite colour as i am 😀

After playing under blazing sun shines, we continue our journey to a gumuk named parang kusumo.Gumuk is a local name for desert. There are lot of sand mound anywhere, while there is also some local house in that place. This place seems even more scary since its not so many people hanging around there, and its rain when we arrived. There is a beach too near this gumuk where we are about to built our tent. Then we change the plan to Baron beach, somewhere in another side of jogja, another 3 hours ride, but we have no other option.

Some of us already felt boring and mad since we spend most of our time in the car. its not so effective since we only have 2 days in jogja. But the camping experience was great. We felt the open night air, with the sound of waves which only about 10 metres from our tent, and also light rain which make it a little scary but peace. We had simple dinner and roasted some marshmellow. We did some little talk, playing ‘slow speed’ with Canon and make some unique wording. Unfortunately the tent is not enough for 9 of us. 3 of the boys sleep out side, in a closed stall near the shores, while 3 girls and 3 boys in each tent.

Next morning we visited Prambanan temple which is still in progress of renovation. This renovation already start since along time ago when i was visiting this place back then in 2008. The government was too slow and late in finishing it. The bamboo and another renovation equipment really disturbing our view to the great Prambanan. There are 3 group of temple in here, Arjuna, Wisnu and Syiwa, just like the God from Hindu. The three site also have alot of ruins. The stone, block, its all scattered around the area. Even it will show visitors about the ancient originality, but it could show them our in proper care to this archeological site.

We back to our city, Jakarta, using a bus which cost us 70,000 IDR. Its a little more expensive then the economic train which only cost us 35,000 IDR. We did not want to sacrifice our comfort to using the train again which now will gave us no seat number, unike the same train from jakarta that we getted in before. The journey was amazing, and we also did some culinary stop in some place, just like ‘mie jawa’ and ‘soto’ :).