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Sunrise at Bromo to pretty lagoon at Sempu Island

White beach, green waters into blue, and quite!!

Sempu Island is a little island in the south of east java. It only take us about 15 minutes on board to get there from the southest beach of java island. But to be in the beautiful laguna, u need a little more work out. Its about 30 minutes walking in the forest, which full of trees, monkey (just wishing u dont see one) and also song from the birds . This island is protected by the government and stated as one of conservation for trees and animals. usually a guardian is needed to be our way pointer. Paid him about Rp 100,000 might worthed at all since he will be ur guide, and also a life saver (just incase, :D)

I was there on a trip with my college friends. We were nine girls, hanging out after the last and final comprehension test and finally having the titles behind our name, SE (or bachelor of economis). We hire a travel agent from malang so that we can plan our trip savely and neaty.

In sempu island specifically in Segara Anakan, which is still quite, calm, and pure, u really will enjoy how pretty our earth is. The sands are white, and clean..and the water, its salty of course, but its like been separated by a giant rock from what we called south hindia ocean. u will be able to hear the sounds of wave, catching up, running, playing each others out there, while actually enjoying the calmness of the beach. The laguna is not so deep so for u who can not swim well, dont worry, it all save. You can also cross the laguna when the water is in its lowest debit. however, if you are a good swimmer, no worry at all..The water really is clear. You can see through the surface into the ground. And its all blue and green and mostly prefect!

my guide even climb up the hill in the outer laguna so he can see the entire ocean right in the front and the full laguna in the back. I dont do that since its need more work out and almost dangerous tracking (for me). The weather also way too hot while the sun shines brightly. I got tan already downhere :P. Of course we take pictures. a lot actually, and might this help u all visualize what i have been through,

Segara Anakan Lagoon


Well, during this trip, we actually visited Mount Bromo first. Early in the morning we should get ready to drive our jeep to Pananjakan. The place where we can see a full sunrise (if its not cloudy) with a beautiful Mount Bromo as the background. The white mist, the sun that sneaking up from the east, and also what we called a perfect gradation from night to day, with some stars seen around, and also the moon, well, nothing can compared it more evenly.

sunrise at Bromo

Its so cold up there, but no need to worry since we could rent some jackets or sweater, and also the gloves, or socks, its all available. some shops even provide hot drinks for warming up our body. its not expensive though. When the sun already shown, then its time to drive our car to the main venue of this visit, Mount Bromo. We can see the Bormo crater from above, quite short distance but we cant really go to the nearest point because it desulpher.

mist above Bromo

Anyway, to reach the crater, there is this dessert (i dont know its name), but you can rent a horse to ride or just go there on foot. Both option have its own good and bad side, but i choose to ride a horse . Around Bromo there are also some other beautiful areas, such as makadipura waterfall, ‘pasir berbisik’ (this one should be like a dessert) and also group of hills named ‘teletubbies hills’.

Just please, do visit Indonesia, do visit East Indonesia 🙂