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If its a broken arms then fixed it.. If its a broken heart then face it..

That was a song from my favorit singer, Jason Mraz. And this is what actually happen to me right now. I am broken hearted!!

This also be the first time i admit that. So not gentleman of me but this is the fact. People barely can admit something painfull and looks like a looser act. I can laugh a lot, make more joke with my friends while deep inside seems like i need one place to throw it away.

one of my friend told me that he is in town. But he did not call ME! thats so embarassing and inpolite since he said that he will keep this a was good relationship into something that more than a friend have. That thing finally is a bullshit!

He already was dating someone else after me, but why should he keeps acting like that. acting like a super idiot with the shame and flame, whatsoever. I also meet someone else after him, not so late, but this was no happy ending either 😦

i was in the point where i felt like a looser already. Since i have loose this far, no more loose next time. I promise!!