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making up dreams (part II)

Well, this post was a continuance of my previous one with the same post tittle. Just want you to know, since April 2010, i gained a new power to travell and visit Indonesia! Its like going out from my own safety line and do more that i ever thought i could do.

I joined this one trip to Kiluan Bay which located in lampung, south of Sumatera Island. This trip is like my starting point for the problem i faced before. I found this guys with the same interest and then build up a new travelling community from which we planned and did the trip together. There are still another one to come in the future for sure. This one really is fascinating since they doing it using a backpacker style. Not so much cost and we gained alot more experience when a trip done.

Starting from Kiluan, we already went to Dieng Plateu, having a fun rafting at Serayu River, visited some waterfalls in Bogor (they called it ‘curug’ there), and also having this wet and wild tracking to queen crater (around mount Salak in Bogor). There still so much plan to go, but we did it slowly but sure. I still have some trouble for asking permission from my office. But then this become something necessity, something i can’t say no to.

Honestly, thats just one of my way to keep having the fun while facing the whole audit work load i got during the year. Eventhough i should sometimes giving up my workday to join the trip which i will surely gave it voluntaryly.

So there is no more ‘friends’ problem, because i have bunch of them right now, and you know what, i even cross the safety line more than i firstly expected. i went to Bali alone, for 5 days, knowing no one. Not definitely no friend there, it just, i met them all during the trip. This is a backpacking trip but a little more like a travelling one since i still spend much money here. But i did enjoy and love it, and cant wait to have another one soon.