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3 hours fun from Jakarta

Have you ever heard of Bira island? or thousand island in general? or else, the paradise?? 😉

This place located only three hour boat ride from Jakarta. We can travel from Angke harbour, using the normal passanger boat, and then get ready for three hours sea sickness. The view is great, unless if we count some trash around Muara Angke. The government should really organize this place more, since many and more tourist come in the latest years.

The boat stop at Harapan island, then we continue our ride using a private boat, a non exclusive one, which own by our guide, Mr. Man. Just like the boat, he also own the cottage, the only sea house located in the island. It was once owned by a rich man, or a foreigner, i forgot, but the point is, this place is now left unowned and Mr. Man with his family organize it and made it a new tourist spot. Actually, most of the fishers in Angke did it. They rent their home to traveller to stay and rent their boat for hoping island to enjoy the magnificent view of thousands islands which in fact only consist of 105 islands. They all hyperbola, yes!

The journey straightly begin that day, but we decided to put our luggage first at the cottage. The island was quite, and so beautiful to calm down and sit back. The cottage located right in front of the shore. We can see the waves dancing and enjoy the heat of the sun. But behind the house, we did not want to predict anything since the whole back yard are bushes. There might be some wild animal, or ghost? i don’t know. We are the only person who stayed there.

While walking around the island in the morning, we found out that there is another small deck in the other side of the island. It was used as another quay to get to the island, but now it was broken already. We can still walk slowly on it, but in some part, the woods already smashed. A friend of mine still enjoy jumping from that board strightly into the ocean. Seems so fun!

In the whole two days, we visit Atol island, Dolphin island, Pasir island, Kayu Angin island and Bira Kecil island. All islands show its natural beauty to us. With clear water, tosca into blue colour, and definitely pretty little fish and amazing coral. Yups, the coral here are colourful, big, and mostly alive. It still breath somehow. Many small fish or sea animal-which i dont know what- show up, we all surprised. In fact, this is the most fascinating experience while we are in the water. I like playing with the fish. Catch them in silent and then surprise them with my presence. I took off my life jacket to get deeper in the sea so i can catch them with my hand. But then, while i was so excited and happy to run after those fish, i suddenly arrived at the deeper ocean. I am panic! i cant swim very well. So lucky i still hang one of my hand to my life jacket so that i was not drowned. Right after that, with my heart still beat fast, i always make it sure that the fish wont fool me again. Its so scary.

In the morning, we also hop for another island. But we spent most of our time at the quay. It was so fun jumping right into the ocean that lied in front of your sight. And the view under the deck is not less wonderful. It looks like a giant aquarium. Really! With the stick from quay board, beautiful big coral under it and many colorful fish swimming right in front of your face. Not so far but still looks pretty and you can see it clearly. There also some sea urchin which luckyly quite far from our feet so it wont harm us. And i saw a jelly fish. It’s transparent and small. Looks cute but dont ever get fooled by its cuteness since it might bite and hurt ya 🙂


Here i come, Belitong!

I was so curious finding out from a friend’s photo that Belitong is such an amazing island. Its not pleonastic, i just said the truth. What lying there, the unique beach, the big and giant rock, the jungle, waterfall, its all beyond ordinary. Since the first time we landed in the airport of H.A.S. Hanandjoeddin we already love the sky and the clouds very much. Its rainy season actually, but the sky still gave as such magnificent view, which includes the great and white bunch of clouds, i know it has nothing to compare with. Thanks God its not rain all the time so that we can enjoy the sun shine and cool wind through our rented car window.

We already rent the cars from Jakarta -we need two of it since there are 11 of us- already booked the hotel, Martani which is one of the oldest hotel exists in Belitong and also one of the cheapest. Then about the itinerary, hemm, you would not want to know how difficult it was for us to finally made and agreed the decision about the itinerary since none of us really ever been there. Some people said that Belitong is just a tiny island which need only a couple hours to travelled it around -which then we recognized as a lie- since in spending 3 days, from friday to sunday, we only was able to enjoy half part of that dangerously beautiful island. Literally. We only visit West and North Belitong and skip our East and South trip since we have no enough time.

In the first day we did explore West belitong to the North. We came to the capital city of Belitong, Tanjung Pandan, which you may called a town, since it is so small. They use one way route for the traffic line, so we need to turn around and turn over at the same place almost for three times. We cannot turn back at that place to come back to our first place, hence we need to turn it around and once again make a lap. We try the famous mie belitong that looks like a casual noodle with sauce. But what made it special is the taste of its sauce, which contains some taste of shrimp, sweet and and thicky sour. Well its not so bad though. Then there is also ‘jeruk ponci’ with ice, something like lemonade juice, but specialty of Belitong.

The first stop was kawah Kaolin. It is something like a lake, with the green almost white color or we may called it ‘tosca.’ Not so deep but it might captious. Surrounding was tin block and they still do the mining using dredging machine. We was not allowed to get any nearer. We take some pictures in here, but not close enough to the lake or kaolinite crater since the edges might be too weak and we could fall inside of it – for the worst case-. Some rumor said that the lake also might become sucking mud.

We also visiting a unique animal, Tarsius, which only exists in Belitong and Sulawesi, another part of Indonesia. So lucky that we can saw them both in the separate cages which was ever used in a research by a professor from Sriwijaya University. Otherwise, we would never be able to saw them because Tarsius is a nocturnal animal. They only show up at night, and the hunter, i mean, the real hunter, sometimes need more that one night to found them in their real habitate, which is Belitong jungle, which laid in Gunung Tajam, the place where we headed right after this. Based on the information from the guardian we found out that tarsius love light, i mean, something like camera flash. Yup, they ll show up and make a move after being ‘shot’ with a flash. They have a very long tail which slightly looks like mouse’s tail. And it has those pretty eyes that ‘puss in the boot’ showed in shrek movie. They have brown skin or feathers, but its so thin and little. I wonder, dont they feel cold?

Guruk Beraye waterfall is fantastic! The water’s sprinkling is pure and refreshing, and suddenly make you felt like you wanna swim. Its cooling our mind after a quite long journey we made to be here. It was a narrow path, only suitable for one car, gulch in your right and escarpment in your left. Which mean, IF there is another car coming from the opposite direction, we should, i dont know, i cant even think about it *creepy

It was drizzle when we done enjoying the beautiful waterfall. We all decided not to get wet and continue our journey to paramount hill which, i can guarantee you, have nothing related to Paramount Picture home production :P. We did imagine that this gonna be a hiking, a tracking and something like that. But we surely never imagine what we should have predicted from the beginning. Remembering that it is rainy season, the weather changes all of sudden, the land became muddy when the water poured from above. It was just a little rain but quite decelerate our speed. Well, finally we were trapped in a spooky jungle, where we need to climb up and climb down, with so big stones all over the area. Big stones means the really big one, about 5 meter in high and 3 meter wide. I am sure we can say it is a giant rock and i keep wondering where did this whole rocks and stones coming from. I mean, there is no volcano around, which might could throw away such a giant things. There is also no big river to flowed it down. So i guess the most appropriate idea of where its comes from, was to said that it is a meteor rocks. Somehow its just passed out to our Earth from somewhere in the outer space *think

We can enjoy the view of South China Sea from above here, and also the Lengkuas island, the one with very old lighthouse on it. We will visit that place on our second day here. With some mist and clouds, and of course coll wind, we enjoy that little time in one of its giant rocks. But you should be careful for pacet, some kind of leech but smaller. It will cling to your skin, usually feet and toes, and then will only be able to be detached when they are full. They suck your blood you know! Our guide showed us some jungle leaves that can be used as a dill to help some of us that get attached. It called ‘kesemek’ leaves. Exists in some jungle in Indonesia. Thanks God it really help.

On the second day we start exploring the islands on the west side of Belitong. Its not visible in the map, since its so small in size, but it surely unique and fabulous. The water really has nothing to compare with. The gradation from green into blue, started in the shores to the deep sea. Since it was a rainy season, again, we already aware of a huge waves that might comes on our way. Some of us, mostly actually, cant swim. So we put on our live jackets soon when the boat started to sail. Everyone try their goggles, fin, and snorkle. We laugh, we smile, and started the journey through the salty wind and sunshines. Yeah, the sun shines brightly that morning, as it welcoming us to the wonder land :D.

My current group was united with one alumni, which is University of Indonesia. We barely know each other for almost 4 years and more. There are also some other who were colleagues. But all of us can mingle for sure remembering that almost all of us are sanguine :P. Well then, after enjoying the view in Lengkuas island, climbing up to the top of lighthouse, taking some amazing pictures, we started snorkling. Its start to drizzle again so we fasten our move. We received some advice and tutorial from one of our guide which already has diving license. But most of us did not listen well since we already cant wait to snorkling in the middle sea, enjoying pretty corals, beautiful fish and another unexpected sea creature. We aware of sea urchin which already hurt my other friend when we were snorkling at Bira island, jakarta. They have sharp spine which could stabbed your feet if we did not use fin. Actually this animal looks like tennis ball with sharp spine all over its body except the lower part, where their month exists. The body was soft and easy to smashed. But better not swim around them anyway. But if in any case you just get hit by this animal, it can be neutralized using urine. A little disgusting but it did work because urine contain ammonia in it.

We swim around Lengkuas island and then continue our sea journey to Gusong island. Well honestly, i love this island much more than Lengkuas. There a lot of starfish all over the island which only looks like a sand bar in the middle of the sea. So many kind of starfishes from the little tiny one into the big and spiny one. You can touch and play with it, but dont forget to get them back to the water soon after they moved their leg, or arms, which mean they were dehydrated.

Before going back to the island where we are going to stay that night, Babi or Kelayang island, we did one small movement to protect mother earth. We did coral planting which cost us 50k which mean nothing if we used it for something that last may be forever. The coral we plant today might be an adult beautiful coral someday after couple of years later. It was addressed for our grand grand children anyway. And also to protect what had been destroyed in most of sea part of earth. Just mark it as a little step, but we would be happy if many others come and participate.

We can plant it by ourselves. It use cement slurry to be its mediation. We just put that mini coral into the table that has been provided about 4 meters deep in the sea. You can dive by yourself or else, ask for help from the guide to put it there for us. I face the challenge, i did dive! It was frightened but it also fabulous and advantageously in the same time. I should remove my life vest, then i was pulled by the guide to make me IN the water. I have no idea why its hard for my body to dive and be inside. May be i need more weight so that the water pressure wont work that hard on me. And yeah, i officially vanishing my water fear anxiety. Bravo!

It was full moon that night. We were in the middle of South China Sea. Not that ‘middle’ actually but it was part of that huge sea anyway. Well then, that night, under the moonlight, we play we laugh we smile and we gather in harmony. The dinner served by the guide. It was crispy shrimp, roasted fish and also some chips. But it really is delicious. Simple, humble and really far away from city life. The electricity only available from 5pm to 11pm. At night, we really need to stay in quite and dark atmosphere. Accompany by the song of the sea that fling smoothly to the shore and white sand.

Back to the city, or town, we visited the Tanjung Tinggi beach for one more time. It was dark yesterday so we cant explore the beach so much. It was the place where the movie Laskar Pelangi or rainbow troops take place. Still many of giant rock all over the beach. We can even climb up and enjoy the view from above. But for this time, we wont get wet since this is our last costume to get back to Jakarta.

But Belitong really is save the best God creation in that tiny island. We just explored the north and west Belitong but we got so much of experience already. Well Belitong, i shall return. Your east and south treasure were not yet explored by me. Just waita 😀

First time in Bali

Heuu.. this really is my first time be in Bali. i never been here before, i dont have quite a strict plan right now, and i have no fixed walking buddy afterall. Well, my basic planning is just one round ticket, and courage 😀

The journey started from Soekarno Hatta airport, where i should check in and wait for the boarding time all by myself. While keep contacting a connection i just had in Bali, to pick me up at the Ngurah Rai airport. Well this man, i never met before, i just know him from a networking site, couchsurfing. In the end, this site really help me alot. Help me find a walking buddy, a transit friend, and a guide!

On May 22 i departed, after contacted that person i barely knew which i surely have no idea what he looked like and neither he was.

He picked me with his motorcycle once i arrived, and then introduced me to another friend of him which -with a big luck- ride me around the next day. i didnt know him too. Its just a quick connection and trust did work in here. If i am not believing in him, then i wont be able to see and enjoy the beaches with his motor cycle. Moreover, i could get kidnapped or cheated or even worse.! But trust me, u can trust Bali more.

Both of them help me find a cheap hotel around legian and poppies. Those places famous for its cheap and international hotels, which means, alot of tourist from abroad live there. It really is a touristic spot since they have it all there. There are travel agents, internet cafe, restaurant, car and bike rent, board surf rent, and accessories. But in Bali, just dont trust the seller too much. The price they offered you might be alot too much than average. Your bargaining power might help in here ;).

On the first day i did not need to rent a bike or car since this friend offered me a full day ride. i just need to pay for his gasoline and paid him lunch which wont cost me much. and that was so nice of him, and i really appreciated that. He ride me from beach to beaches, visited some national monument called GWK in bali, and also helped me get the best price for water sport activity. He has bunch of friend in travelling world. i tried this parasailing thing which cost me Rp80,000 (they firstly give me Rp150,000 price, weww). But unfortunately it was just too short and ended about 5-10 minutes in the air. The first time ur feet off the ground, u will feel a little sensation of fear. But then , when u see view from the top, its just way too wonderful and fascinating that u could forget ur own fear and started to enjoy the dance of the wind. Later on, when u still trying to figured out things, the operator already shouted loud out to u which mean u should end the tour and pull the trigger to land soon.

i am not interested in trying the banana boat things, or flying fish since thats not my top priority in Bali. I departed with low budget and backpacking style. But next time, may be i ll try all of that 😛

From Benoa (the water sport centre), we continue our ride to another beautiful beaches and paradise, like dreamland, padang padang beach, blue point, padang bait, nusa dua (i love this beach most) and finally to uluwatu, to see a view of “pura” built on the top of escapmen, a mountain side with steepy rock. Far under this mountain side, waves dance beautifully, with interesting color gradation of water. from aquamarine in the shallow coast, into perfect and prussion blue water in the deeper sea. Slowly but sure, the sun going down, resting in peace with yellow ride twilight dispersed into the sky. Such an interesting escape to meditate and making peace with nature.

Well, that night i met another traveller from taipei. We knew each other from couchsurfing too. She did call me even i doubt that in the beginning. The we met up in Kuta beach McDonalds, having a late night meal, chatting just to know each other well. She is an english teacher, so that i can easily understand what she said. Its so much different with another ‘bule’ guy i met after that. He is an australian and he speak so quick, fusing words and make my ears only hears blablabla.. :nohope

We make a sudden plan for tomorrow. Lauren -my taipei friend name- love nature and culture, and so did i. So we decided to visited Ubud, and having lunch in Kintamani, a peak mountain place with cool air, and a big misty mountain in one side. There was a lake far down there, which based on my driver information, did a strange and so much unique culture regarding corpse. They did not buried the dead body. Instead, they just wrap him in a winding sheet, and then hang that body on a tree. Until all their physical evidence dissapear, and what left is just bones!

We also visited a traditional market in Ubud called sukowati. This place really is famous but what i can see is just ‘it’. There is only a few shops, some balinese who sell it traditionally, and a plus plus mark up on price. We should really bargain in this place if we did not want to get cheated or felt fooled to pay more that it should.

Ubud has a very authentic handicraft and sculptor. They made this fascinating statue. Some of it were made of one whole stem. Some are big, some are small but full of details. We just walked around and adore the whole creation, because we surely have no enough money to buy. Its quite expensive of course, since they made in 3 months for the fastest. The other might need years, because they also need to process the original tree into a good condition and solid wood.

On the third day, we separated. Lauren try to find another walking body and so did i, already have a catch up promise with my junior high friends. She work there almost for one year. We rent a bike, she drove :P, for only Rp 55,000. So much cheaper compared to our car rent the day before which cost me Rp 200,000, and Lauren for the same amount. Well, the comfort level should be different too, but thats fine for me.

We visited the famous tanah lot, shopping at Joger (this one is like dagadu from jogja), an authentic young man creation originally from Bali and also shop for souvenirs in the one stop department store. The building is big, contain many kind of souvenirs, foods, and all. I bought some for gift, and spend quite a bunch of money :D.

Tanah lot really is wonderful. We found a couple of japanese who took a pre wedding picture in there. Kawai! But unfortunately its rain when we were about to enjoy the sunset. Many balinese young boy and also some foreigner who have extra courage challenge the big wave beside the hills we climbed up. With tinge orange around the water – air space between sky and sea, in the horizon. Perfect!, even with mizzle around us.

I also love to jog and walk throughout Kuta beach in the morning. at 6 am, before the night’s guys waken up after a till drop party the day before. I brought my camera with me. Picturing the glory morning in Bali, through Kuta to seminyak, with so many different etnics mill about. Feels like i was in the other part of the world. Dogs walk with their masters, surfers catching up early morning waves, some old man and his wife walked in peace near the coast holding into each other hand, and also some new married couplse (seems like that). The other professional photografer also brought their camera with a super tele lense, trying to capture the surfer who surf far from side. I felt a little inconfidence with mine 😦 but thats fine. There also some other man and woman who just walked and jog, breathing the fresh air and enjoying the sound of waves splashing into beach sand. When the sun rise a little more, i get back to my hotel and packing and preparing to get back to the real world again..

Sayonara Bali. I ll be back for more 😛

Dieng Plateu

On May 2010 i visited this area with 15 other friends. This made us a big group consists of 8 girls and 8 boys (not couple, though). Well, we gathered in Jakarta and headed to Wonosobo by bus which cost us 70,000 idr per person. It take more than 10 hours to get there. We departed at 8pm and be there around 6am in the next morning. We stop in a park “Alun Alun Wonosobo”, where a lot of traditional food served. At the same time we try to calming down our mind after tough night the day before, sleeping in the tremble bus that ride through the curving roads.

Soon we were looking for an elf to get us up there, somewhere near Dieng Plateu. We already booked a home to stay so we won’t that much in a rush. The owner rented us two cars for riding around, plus two drivers who knew the area very well which cost us 1.8 million rupiahs (house and cars).

First, we visited Jala Tunda well. There are some rumors spread among the civilian that for people who are able to throw three pebbles successfully into the water, then their wish will come true. No intention to believe, but we just tried. And somehow, its quite difficult though. Anyone wanna try? 😀

Telaga Merdada

Then we visited several craters which already turning into something that looks like lakes. The water is calm and quite, green and no sulfuric scent smelled. There are “Kawah Sileri”, “Telaga Merdada”, “Kawah Sikidang”, and also some temples area such as Gatot kaca and Arjuna Temples. Another nice stop by is a water spring called Tuk Bimalukar. There also some rumours about this one, that people who wash or drink this pure water will gain youth and become ageless.

Dieng Plateu created through a volcano activity long time ago at the time I was not yet born. The eruption of the mountain caused so many people died. They not just died because of the volcano but also because of the sulfur acid evaporates from the crater later created. “Telaga Warna” also another result of these volcano activities which chill our eyes just by seeing it. The water is green, surrounded by green pine trees, and also a fresh air, make this place is just a perfect place to calm your mind down.

We took several pictures here and it really no wonder that we need more time here since the whole place is like a beautiful paradise in which every place worth to be recorded on frame. Unfortunately nowadays the weather changes so unpredictably that we sometimes need to cancel our agenda for walking and turning around because of sudden rain. But it still a nice place to visit though.

Anyway, we also got this mystically mist sunrise at the top of mount Sikunir.

Sunrise at Sikunir

 Well, this place need extra effort to be reached, but we were not regretting the whole super early morning tracking since it really is a pretty sun rise up there. From the top we can also see the “Telaga Cebong” lied down there, which surrounded by some local resident and also a far ranging farms. This place famous for it’s crops, some of them are potatoes, cabbage, chili etc. And the potatoes here are amazingly delicious.

We also did rafting in Serayu River. It took another time from Wonosobo to Banjarnegara where the camp site for rafting participant located.

Wet Wild Track

We came late! And its rain. That’s when the mess or what we later called an amazing adventure is up..

It beginned around 1pm when we started our wild tracking to reach “Kawah Ratu” (Queen Crater). It surely late enough since to get there we will need to walk for three hours or more. We already prepared for a slippery track, but never could imagine more for what we’ve got later.

Foto by Dyan

After 100 metres walk, the weather started to change. We cant predict accurately what we might face nowadays. Rain can falls into a sunny day and vice versa. And thats what happened on Saturday June 12, 2010 when we walked through this trip. Fortunately i brought my rain coat, so that i can keep my camera and clothes dry. My other friends bring umbrella, which was not effective enough considering the path we passing through. The other could only rely more on their jacket which still surely soaked into their whole body.

Its a torrential rains and last quite long. We walk next to some stream by our right or left. It depends on which path we choose, since we also need to crossed the stream more than one time. Totally wet but seems like no sides to escape. Walk in a quite medium flow of water, hold hands one and another just in case u got slipped, while our feet already tremble. There are several prick post which showed us how far we had gone. Those were counting down from our starting point until we reach the crater. Sometimes, it gave us hope, the other times, it just made us back to the fact that we still had long way to passed before arriving.

Finally Kawah Ratu

Well, by the time we get to the crater, it really is not much worthed of the journey. Its just looked like another crater u might all ever seen. Some indentation which covered up by lot of haze and fog. The water inside the crater seems hot since it produce foam which actively blowed plus the additional scent from sulphur which evaporate to the air. Our guide really unsuggested us to stay longer than half hour. This queen crater located on Mount Salak on West Java. Around the mountain are preservation area covered by alot of pine trees. Good weather for sure, and also chilly air, with a refreshing view from all side. But, for my own opinion, “Kawah Putih” in the north of Bandung (another area in West Java) still more beautiful than this one. Minus the tracking for sure since its so easy to get there.

And then, this is when the journey became more and more attractive than before. We tough thats all, but in fact, its far from all! We still have to walk down the hill to get back to our base camp. We started the tracking at 5pm from up there, which is soo much late, remembering that we need no less than 3 hours walking to reach the nearest camp. We all were not well prepared for the upcoming night, since from the 18 of us, there were only 3 lighters (phone and flashlight), which made us still lack of beam for the entire night walks.

Foto by Andry

We saw some firefly through our way home. Those animal are so tiny and what beaming actually was it’s butt. My friend said that only the male firefly have beam which used to attrack the female one.

When the sun settling down, we could only relied to the light from stars, which luminescent from the sky. There are alot of them and each have different sparkling quality. However, that light still far from enough to enlighten our way, moreover when some of our lighter diing down. It bring us holding more tight to each other so we can rest on our friend for the rest of our way. Walking down seems a little difficult then climbing up several hours ago. The only good thing happen that time was, no rain anymore, and the stream dry already. So at least we were not trembling and wet.

Along the way, it just spookier than we tough. Some of my friends felt like there were something else around us. It made us come closer to each other. Some strange sounds coming up while we just try to convince our selves that all of those are nothing. We were in a dark forest, in the middle of nowhere, so there was no need to add another additional fear.

Soon we see the light which might comes from the nearest resident. But still, the more we walked, it looked like we never get closer. We forgot our starting track post number so we just guessed. And our guessing is not good enough since we still need a few more walk after we tough that we were finally arrived. Well, seems like God has another plan for us, we got loss! We finally made it to the nearest camp but thats not where we started our journey for the first time. We left far behind our guide with who some of us gathered. So our team like being separated into two. Fortunately most of the boys stay in the last team so we did not worry that much. We just walked down and ask for our camp direction to the local community. Its another fortune since its not so far from where we standed. Then we just did a little more walk and voila! We were all there again 😀

In this too simple camp, we gotta cleaned up in a limited water and no electricity around. There is only one kerosene lantern in the middle of us. We ordered some hot tea from nearest coffee shop. They also provided noodles and fried rices, so we just ordered some since our stomatch almost empty and our stamina almost reach its lowest level. Not comfortable enough with the water and lighting condition, we decided to find a villa or local home to be rented and we got it for 250,000 IDR per night. Thats enough for all of us to stay. 9 girls sleep in the two room provided while the boys stayed outside. Its cold, too cold actually and we should fight the night with the only thing available in that place, two blanket for all and several pillows, no bed for the boys, and luckyly some of us bring the sleeping bag. Before going to sleep, we did some games to keep our body moved and warm, and then fell asleep aroung 2am.Sleep under the stars, thats the theme of the night. 😀

Sunrise at Bromo to pretty lagoon at Sempu Island

White beach, green waters into blue, and quite!!

Sempu Island is a little island in the south of east java. It only take us about 15 minutes on board to get there from the southest beach of java island. But to be in the beautiful laguna, u need a little more work out. Its about 30 minutes walking in the forest, which full of trees, monkey (just wishing u dont see one) and also song from the birds . This island is protected by the government and stated as one of conservation for trees and animals. usually a guardian is needed to be our way pointer. Paid him about Rp 100,000 might worthed at all since he will be ur guide, and also a life saver (just incase, :D)

I was there on a trip with my college friends. We were nine girls, hanging out after the last and final comprehension test and finally having the titles behind our name, SE (or bachelor of economis). We hire a travel agent from malang so that we can plan our trip savely and neaty.

In sempu island specifically in Segara Anakan, which is still quite, calm, and pure, u really will enjoy how pretty our earth is. The sands are white, and clean..and the water, its salty of course, but its like been separated by a giant rock from what we called south hindia ocean. u will be able to hear the sounds of wave, catching up, running, playing each others out there, while actually enjoying the calmness of the beach. The laguna is not so deep so for u who can not swim well, dont worry, it all save. You can also cross the laguna when the water is in its lowest debit. however, if you are a good swimmer, no worry at all..The water really is clear. You can see through the surface into the ground. And its all blue and green and mostly prefect!

my guide even climb up the hill in the outer laguna so he can see the entire ocean right in the front and the full laguna in the back. I dont do that since its need more work out and almost dangerous tracking (for me). The weather also way too hot while the sun shines brightly. I got tan already downhere :P. Of course we take pictures. a lot actually, and might this help u all visualize what i have been through,

Segara Anakan Lagoon


Well, during this trip, we actually visited Mount Bromo first. Early in the morning we should get ready to drive our jeep to Pananjakan. The place where we can see a full sunrise (if its not cloudy) with a beautiful Mount Bromo as the background. The white mist, the sun that sneaking up from the east, and also what we called a perfect gradation from night to day, with some stars seen around, and also the moon, well, nothing can compared it more evenly.

sunrise at Bromo

Its so cold up there, but no need to worry since we could rent some jackets or sweater, and also the gloves, or socks, its all available. some shops even provide hot drinks for warming up our body. its not expensive though. When the sun already shown, then its time to drive our car to the main venue of this visit, Mount Bromo. We can see the Bormo crater from above, quite short distance but we cant really go to the nearest point because it desulpher.

mist above Bromo

Anyway, to reach the crater, there is this dessert (i dont know its name), but you can rent a horse to ride or just go there on foot. Both option have its own good and bad side, but i choose to ride a horse . Around Bromo there are also some other beautiful areas, such as makadipura waterfall, ‘pasir berbisik’ (this one should be like a dessert) and also group of hills named ‘teletubbies hills’.

Just please, do visit Indonesia, do visit East Indonesia 🙂